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All positive about the FX1 combo…! Ive wanted a setup like this for quite awhile. I run my MXL 990 studio microphone into the FX1 Combo into a Behringer 1202 mixer into a Behringer Ultragraph Pro Dual 15 band Graphic Equalizer into my Ranger 2995 DX into my FATBOY plug in the wall 2 pills driving 8 pills linear amp into my Astatic 600 watt meter set to 5000 watts out to my imax 2000 ground plane antenna.My radio is set at deadkey 20 watts capable of 150 watts deadkey, with 20 watts deadkey my meter swings from 200 to2970 watts….clear FM studio
station sound on CB Radio….I love the FX1 Combo.


Incredible talk power, incredible sound, impressive modulation on all CB channels…just like the
big boys. Ive talked to europe, south america, australia, hawaii, puerto rico, and all the US from
my base station in north west georgia 40 miles NW of downtown atlanta about 90 miles south of
Chattanooga Tn. Receive many compliments on the great quality studio sound.


Michael P

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