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My name Marc aka Thunder, when I talk on SSB I go by World Radio 059 (WR-059). I have been dealing with CB since the early 70’s. I live in Minnesota just a few miles south of the largest Mall in the world, the Mall of America. My experience with Rich was just what I was looking for, my goal was once again to experience the Essb audio and Air Design was the answer for me. Rich customer service is top notch, but the product is matchless and extraordinary. I was amazed when I finally connected my Behringer Microphone 2200 preamp, Behringer MXL Pro 2600 (2) channel compressor, and the Behringer Virtualizer 2024 reverb, On the radio they are asking “what is that new sound,” Before I forget the microphone is a MXL 990 connected to a Cobra 148 GTL. I will be adding a Behringer FBQ 1502 mixer and the Heil PR40 dynamic microphone. But none of this would be possible without having the proper product to connect my rack gear. Thanks to Rich, I appreciate the quality of the Air Design everything is superb. All I can say is my experience with Rich has made my setup “Broadcast Quality”


WR 059



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