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On Air Design has created an excellent product to use if you want the capability to have high quality audio. Service is outstanding and companies should take notice as this is how you do it. Being a musician, I wanted to see how my mixer, effects pedals and microphones would sound over the air compared to a normal desktop microphone. I always felt I could get really good sound using my audio equipment but also didn’t want spliced, open and messy wires exposed. The FX1 was the perfect solution. It is a cool box with the necessary connections to key the radio, use your pro audio equipment with no feedback or noise and maintain a station with a clean appearance (I would also recommend the foot pedal).


I get many rave remarks on the airwaves, how clear, loud (not distorted) and different (in a good way), my radio sounds when hooked up to a quality mixer, studio microphone and using the FX1 as the connection point.


Rich, you are the man. Thank You for making radio interesting again.


Lysle H – Fla
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