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I like to wire and mess with audio set ups and we were ordering many elements and making our own microphones and testing things out, well  my friend Joe had one of the onairdesigns, FX1 Pro w/ Hand Keyer devices,  and a blue microphone and he brought it over with his mixer and I started to mess with the settings and got great audio..I decided I wanted to get into this a bit more and ordered a Heil PR781  and then the FX1 PRO Premium Package “The Works” I asked for a longer mic cable as to keep all of the items farther away from the coax, as to not cause to much Rf into the mixer and the cables.Rich worked very well with me on making the customizations needed to fit with my station..He even helped me with a few mixer settings as my mixer was different than the ones he uses..The build time and shipping was fast..

The product is working fine for me now with the Heil PR781 mic that is made for the response frequency of the ham / cb radios..

Dave W. in Pennsylvania

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