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Thanks to Rich for his superior product designs.  On Air Designs offers a a complete “plug and play” solution for high-fidelity audio for your CB Radio transmissions. The FX1 Pro integrates perfectly with the UM-36 mixer and with the Shure PG-48 dynamic mic.  Almost immediately I decided to add a microphone swingarm scissor mount, along with a windscreen and spitguard.  This enhanced the functionality as well as the professional look and feel of my station. Additionally, and most importantly Rich has been highly responsive to my questions on setting up my transceiver audio system.  On Air Designs products are very simple to install and configure, but I for one tend to overthink things, and can easily become befuddled and in need of some guidance.  Rich was there for me by telephone and by e-mail.


Thanks for the excellent customer service!  And I am totally enjoying the high fidelity audio on-air.  My signal really attracts attention these days!


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