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Quickshot Pro Footswitch CB Radio Audio Interface


Quick Shot Pro – Audio Interface

We Use High Quality Mogami Audio Cable!

Featuring a Footswitch Keyer PTT

Currently made in 4 pin Cobra / Galaxy ONLY.

(4-5) days build to shipping.

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Introducing the Quickshot Pro CB Radio Audio Interface.

  •  Derived from the Tried and True huge seller the “FX1 PRO”
  •  Audio Interface cable with integrated Footswitch PTT keyer, Audio input, and 4 pin Mic connector.
  •  Isolated Audio circuit for smooth / clear operation on AM or SSB
  •  Makes interfacing to a Mixing board a snap.
  •  Extreme high quality build and parts

Plug the supplied 1/4″ phone plug into your mixing boards output.  Plug the Mic connector into your CB – Ham radio’s Microphone input.  Now use our New Footswitch “Push To Talk” (PTT) switch for keying up.  It’s That Easy!

Now use any Microphone on your mixer (Dynamic Mics are recommended) but Condensers work too!

Currently made in 4 pin Cobra / Galaxy ONLY.

We are currently (4-5) days build to shipping.



















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