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Microphone Pop Filter – Wind Screen

Original price was: $9.99.Current price is: $7.99.

Fits Most Ball End Dynamic Mics Like Shure SM-58 – PGA-48 – SM-48 Etc.

Great for Stopping those Poppy “P’s and other speech related wind pops

while broadcasting & eliminating wind noises.



For Shure SM-58-PGA-48 Style Microphone and most all ball end Type Dynamic Microphones.

Microphone Cover performance

These microphone covers are easy to wash and dry.

Mic covers also work surprisingly well as both pop filters and sound deadening. mic without one on and noticed it was a bit echo-ey, but was much better after putting one of these on.

Can be used for a long time

Reusable ball-type foam windscreen for most standard handheld microphones.

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