FX1 PRO Premium Package “The Works”


Comes with both Hand and Foot Keyers + 2 HOSA Audio Cables

Build times are 3-4 weeks to shipping

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 Package includes (1) FX1 PRO w/ Hand Keyer

(1) FX1  Footswitch PTT Keyer

(2) Hosa 3′ Foot Audio Cables


  • FX1 PRO – Pro Audio Interface for CB Radio – Proven High Build Quality + Unique design & User friendly.

  • Connect devices like Mixers, EQ’s, Compressors, Hi End Reverb & Multi FX Processors.

  • 1/4″ Send and Return jacks on the back to go out to external audio devices.

  • Isolated audio circuit that eliminates hum and RF interference.

  • Connect a Mixing Board using the FX1′s  send and return jack.

  • The FX1 Pro has dual inputs for vocal mics (XLR) and 4 Pin CB mics.

  • Enjoy Pro Audio on AM & or  SSB !!!

  • Comes with both FX1 Footswitch PTT Keyer  w/ 5′ Cord – and the FX1 Hand Keyer PTT Switch.

  • (2) Hosa 3′ Foot Premium Audio Cables

  FX1 Pro fits most all CB radios   :

  • All 4 or 5 pin Cobra 2000, 148, 29, 25 , 142 Etc Please mention in customer notes what mic plug you have 4 or 5 pin.

  • All 4 pin Galaxy DX radios – All Connex – General Lee – Superstar – Ranger radios + many more

  •  6 Pin RCI-2995-DX – 2980 – 2985 – 2990 – 2950-DX 2970-DX – Galaxy Saturn – Connex Saturn (please mention in customer order notes at checkout)  I also sell a 4 pin to 6 pin adapter here:  4 pin to 6 Adapter

  • Stryker 4 Pin Radio’s
  •  6 Pin Magnum radios (please mention in customer notes at checkout)

  • If you have a radio that’s not listed above contact me and I can wire a FX1 PRO for you!

Connect to a Mixer

FX1 Hookup Standard

The white cable goes from send to Channel 1′s input    –  the grey cable goes from the main mix out to the FX1′s return jack.

FX1-Pro -Psd Copy2


Connect an external audio processor



FX1 PRO JPGFX1 Footswitch keyer

Footswitch 5 Pin

This package comes w/ both Keyers: Here’s the FX1 Hand Keyer

Grenade PTT New Keyer1

   Also included are (2) HOSA Premium audio cords 3 foot length

 Two different colors are included.


Hosa 3 Footers Premium

Plug directly into the front XLR Mic Input for Pro Mics or use your regular Cb radio microphone. When using your Pro Mic you now key your radio with our Push To Talk switch.

From a nice Mixer all the way to a full blown Pro Audio Rack, this box gives you many options.

From left to right:  XLR In –  CB Mic In – & PTT Keyer Input




From Left To Right:    –  Mic cord to your radio – Audio Send – Audio Return


Everything else you can find on our shop page:  Shop Page


Enjoy AM & SSB Pro Audio Operation with ease – Hook up a mixer – or patch your EQ and Compressor up  in minutes!!!