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Jeremy W in Texas

Rich has created such an amazing product!  Very user friendly, as well as, his website.  The product comes in pre-wired four pin and the new five pin and is completely plug and play functionality.  The FX1 is simple to use because you simply plug in your PTT switch, which comes as a push button or foot pedal, plug in your audio input from signal processor(s), or mixer, and plug into the radio.  This was the setup I needed, but is completely customizable.  His customer service is amazing as well!  I made an order for the FX1 and received an email the next morning with a tracking number without having to request it.  He shipped it very promptly and I received the product very well packaged within a couple of days.  This product works well, is shipped fully assembled (with instructions), and in my opinion is worth the price!  Rich, keep up the great work and hope you expand to building these for ham radios as well.
Jeremy Whiteley
2LV280 aka 280 North Central Texas
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