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Our new website opens this Friday, come shop and check us out.  Same web address.   Building Quickshot Pros again!!

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>>>>>> *New* “Quick Shot Pro”<<<<<<


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Welcome to On Air Designs!  We are proud to bring you high quality products that bring pro audio to your CB!!  The FX1 PRO was our #1 seller, now we are offering a user friendly option the “Quick Shot Pro”   Visit the shop page and check it out.  Broadcast quality audio is super easy to get up and running.  Scroll down on this page or go to the gallery page for even more info.  Our customers have a lot of good things to say!!  See how they like On Air Designs on the Feedback Page

Want something that you cannot find on the shop page?  Email me and we can work on a custom build.   Check out our products below, or on our shop page.

Want to know more?  Take a look at the About Us page and use the Contact Us page and send us your questions!!


   Customer reviews page below: testos Ck Mark

Hi Rich, I hooked up my Fx1 Pro, and I must say the audio reports I received were awesome.  Reports was bright and clean audio; that’s also running with my five pill FatBoy.  Thanks a lot for your product it has taken my radio sound to a new level.

Regards,  Marvin Mckinney

 Austin, Texas  Operator 119

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Using the FX1 for 2 weeks now with loud and clean audio very good long distance results using a condenser microphone and a berhinger mixer thanks rich for everything.


 Mark 901 Messenger


Marks Base


Check out the Batmobile with the FX1 installed Here or scroll down to the bottom of the  Custom builds  page

Easy hook up to a Mixer !!

FX1 Hookup Standard

Keep that D104 Deskmic you have and improve the sound with the EQ of a good Mixer ——————–

 The FX1 PRO !!!

FX1-Pro -Psd Copy2


Connect a Microphone to the FX1 PRO via the return jack

Connect to a mixer - Real1 copy


ROCK OF AGES:  Below is the 1st generation built from November 2013 to May 2014:

Here’s a Custom FX1 I finished for Bulldog Unit 777 in Maine.


For more pictures and details check out the Custom Builds page.

My friend Bulldog did a review on Youtube check it out!  Thanks Triple 7!!!!

>> BullDog Radio Communictaions <<

Bulldog Radio

Has a vast knowledge base of a little bit of everything on my journey in the hobby!



Snake Radio’s specializes in is keeping the classic Cobra, Uniden, President, and Radio Shack radio`s alive by performing all the required maintenance that should be done after 15 to 20 yrs. for their continued correct operations

Check them out! SRC Logo Badge copy


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I am a registered business with the State of Pennsylvania, and you can feel confident in your purchase with my secure checkout.  We are a family owned, american, quality company, read more here! [/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]

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All products come with a  30 day money back guarantee! , but the warranty sticker must be intact and box original for it to be valid. read more here! [/twocol_one_last]

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