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On Air Designs

Our newest product is the Quick Shot Pro, an Audio Interface that allows you to connect PRO Audio devices with your CB / Ham radio. The FX1 PRO was our #1 seller, now we are offering a user friendly option the “Quick Shot Pro” Get ready to sound great on the air!  Go to the gallery page for more info.

Feel confident in your purchase with our secure checkout. We are a family owned, American, quality company!  Our customers have a lot of good things to say!! See how they like On Air Designs on the Feedback Page.

Want something that you cannot find on the shop page? Email me and we can work on a custom build. Check out our products below, or on our shop page.

Want to know more? Take a look at the About Us page and use the Contact Us page and send us your questions!!

If you like my product please leave me a feedback comment via my email  It helps others make good decisions about their purchases and also inspires me to keep creating this product and future ideas.  Thanks! Rich

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