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William Yancey in VA

Rich, thanks for quick shipment on the FX1 looper combo. I love how well it I can use my shure mic with my Cb radio.

Thanks Rich.

William Yancey aka. 658 Va. Wavin.

Michael P in GA

All positive about the FX1 combo…! Ive wanted a setup like this for quite awhile. I run my MXL 990 studio microphone into the FX1 Combo into a Behringer 1202 mixer into a Behringer Ultragraph Pro Dual 15 band Graphic Equalizer into my Ranger 2995 DX into my FATBOY plug in the wall 2 pills driving 8 pills linear amp into my Astatic 600 watt meter set to 5000 watts out to my imax 2000 ground plane antenna.My radio is set at deadkey 20 watts capable of 150 watts deadkey, with 20 watts deadkey my meter swings from 200 to2970 watts….clear FM studio
station sound on CB Radio….I love the FX1 Combo.


Incredible talk power, incredible sound, impressive modulation on all CB channels…just like the
big boys. Ive talked to europe, south america, australia, hawaii, puerto rico, and all the US from
my base station in north west georgia 40 miles NW of downtown atlanta about 90 miles south of
Chattanooga Tn. Receive many compliments on the great quality studio sound.


Michael P

Dave in TX

I decided to order the FX1 product and see if it would do what I wanted to accomplish.   It is well constructed with custom options that suited my needs.  The FX1 is an awesome, simple to use solution for adding quality audio to my RCI 2995……. I am very happy with the FX1 and highly recommend it for anyone wanting to use studio audio for their transceivers.

711 Texas
Jeff in WA
I just want to say to everyone on here that Rich from On Air Designs is one of the finest most honest and easy to work with people on the Internet. I can’t recommend him enough. He always has nice equipment and good prices and goes the extra mile for you. This is the way a business should conduct themselves. Thanks Rich for doing what you do! I can’t think of a time when I Have EVER had a better experience when buying online or anywhere else for that matter.

Jeff Whitman
Spokane, WA

James B from WV
I am very pleased with the product I ordered from Rich. He is definately very knowledgeable and stands behind his products. I will spread the word to all my friends about Rich’s website and will be a repeat customer! I would recommend anyone wanting to purchase good product with great customer service to visit this website!


James B from WV

Jim C in New York

Jim C in New York

I have nothing but great things to say about OnAirDesigns.  In my quest to develop a way to improve audio quality and clarity with my communication radios, I searched and came upon this fine company located in the Southeastern PA.  I inquired regarding the products advertised and was introduced to Rich,  owner.  After speaking with him, I decided to order the FX1 product and upon receiving it, I immediately noticed the quality and the time and thought placed into the design of this product.  It is well constructed and has many options.  The FX1 is a nifty solution for adding quality audio to my transceiver……. Not only am I happy with the product, I am even more delighted with the service and response from Rich to his customers.  On several occasions, he has contacted me personally to offer his direction and guidance in setting up my rig.  He cares deeply about his customers and I feel that his personal interaction with the customer is what makes his service so unique. …..  I feel I have made a personal friend in Rich as well.  We are in the media industry, and in the future, I plan on utilizing OnAirDesigns to construct custom audio solutions and components for our corporate video/audio setups.  We require quality construction, and OnAirDesigns is the company to go to.

You can not go wrong with OnAirDesigns, and I personally recommend this company highly.

Jim Caparelli
Dutchess County, New York

Terry C in AZ

Let me tell everyone you can not go wrong when you purchace from Rich!  Works exactly as they should and are well build and nothing will rattle inside (like some others found on the internet).  Very well built and I am a hooked customer.  Thank You Rich………….

Mike in NJ

Hi it’s Mike in New Jersey, I bought 2 FX1 looper Combo boxes at first, they worked so well I ordered 2 more a couple of days later. I spoke to Rich a couple of times, had some questions, he helped me get great audio!!! Thank you Rich and keep up the good work.  73′s

Jeremy W in Texas
Rich has created such an amazing product!  Very user friendly, as well as, his website.  The product comes in pre-wired four pin and the new five pin and is completely plug and play functionality.  The FX1 is simple to use because you simply plug in your PTT switch, which comes as a push button or foot pedal, plug in your audio input from signal processor(s), or mixer, and plug into the radio.  This was the setup I needed, but is completely customizable.  His customer service is amazing as well!  I made an order for the FX1 and received an email the next morning with a tracking number without having to request it.  He shipped it very promptly and I received the product very well packaged within a couple of days.  This product works well, is shipped fully assembled (with instructions), and in my opinion is worth the price!  Rich, keep up the great work and hope you expand to building these for ham radios as well.
Jeremy Whiteley
2LV280 aka 280 North Central Texas
Brian in Iowa

Brian here in eastern Iowa. I go by 481 Wally on 11 meters. I learned about the FX1 Looper from 777 Bulldog up there in central Maine. He directed me to Rich from He makes these wonderful boxes. For years I’ve wanted to have HiFi equipment on my radios. This makes it so easy! Now I get good reports all the time and I stand out when shooting skip! I went with the Behringer equipment Rich suggests. I get no interference, just good, clean audio. So thank you Rich for an awesome product! And thank you Bulldog for directing me to Rich’s website! 73’s guys!

John in GA

Hey It’s John in Newnan Georgia (Viper 151). I have two Custom boxes from Rich. They were reasonably priced, and they rock!!!!  I now have Pro Studio gear running my modulation on Several radios, I key up with a foot switch, I incorporate my Lap Top with the Looper!!!  Rich , you rock!    (My Radio’s Rock!!!)   73’s

George in NY

Wow, wish I had discovered this gem many moons ago… Hi, my name is George M, and stumbled upon the FX1 Combo while in search of improving my audio and modulation… well, lets face the facts…an amplifier is only as good as what you put into it..hence, you put in a good clean signal and you will get out a good clean amplified signal.  The designer, Mr. Rich, really puts his heart and best efforts into the FX-1 and stands by his product. I seriously wish i had discovered the FX-1 much earlier…now, I simply cannot do without it. I would highly recommend it… if you need to be a cut above the rest.

A Big Man on the N.E. Corner

George M

Allen L in HI

Allen L.
Recently I picked up a RCI 2970N2 and added talkback to it that runs on/off via a switch and I am now in the last 2 weeks experimenting with studio audio via a Yamaha mixer board and a Behringer dynamic microphone! Only great reports on the audio quality!

Your FX1 makes the hook ups to the radio and mixer board so easy and has worked flawlessly so far.

Thanks Rich! 73s!

Allen L.
Honolulu, HI

Carl in IL

I love what you have done with the FX1.  It makes my life a lot easier for hooking up pro audio to cb thanks,  Hound Dog

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