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Happy Memorial Day!!!!


Here is Bulldog Unit 777’s Pro Audio box. He wanted 2 PTT keyer’s so we gave him two input jacks a foot pedal and a push button keyer. He also wanted a long mic cord, I said no problem!


Here’s the whole system. When you buy the foot pedal with the FX1 we install a 2nd PTT jack right on the front.


Across the front panel left to right we have an XLR in – 4 pin mic in – and a front mounted PTT input.


Left To right, PTT Jack – Mic Cord – Effects Send – Effects Return


Please check out Bulldog Radio Communications below when you get a chance lot’s of great stuff!


Here’s a complete Youtube slideshow with an unboxing of the FX1 Plus the Installation & some nice shots of Bulldogs New School Station. Slideshow produced by Bulldog Radio Communications. Watch it here!



Here’s a recent build for my friend John in Georgia. He has a CRE 8900 that’s really new to the market. We gave John 2 PTT jacks and a 1 k resistor Mod to take the delay out on transmit. I put the resistor on a switch to be safe.

CRE 8900 F

Across the front XLR in – PTT Jack – & a PTT check button.

John E's Box 1  rear

On the back we have a 1 k resistor on a switch – PTT input – Mic cable – effects send – effects return

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