Keith H. in MO

Keith in TN.

This AWESOME shack picture is from:  “WHISKEY-6 Great Smokey Mountains E. Tennessee” Keith


John W. in GA


Robert in Texas


Nick In MI


Robert Ellis (530, Captain Crunch NJ Mobile) Secaucus, NJ

Here’s Robert’s Mobile setup (above) He has installed the FX1 PRO under the radio (High Power 955HP) with no interference.


Duane in LA

“I’m currently running a Excelvan BM-800 microphone into a Behringer Shark FBQ100 into a Behringer Xenyx 1202Fx into the FX1 Pro. All going into my Galaxy Saturn base that has not been modded for hi-fi”


Todd in California

“My current set up uses an EV RE20 mic and Pro Tools for audio processing. The FX1 PRO allows me to interface my audio gear with my Yaesu ft-450d”

All I can say is WOW!


Alan In Florida

Alan bought the Shure PG-48 Mic shown here.   Microphone sold here> Shure PG-48 Mic

Balus in Texas

Now that’s a nice station!


Shawn 226 WT in El Paso Texas


Shawn’s using a Behringer 802UB Mixer with a Newwer Mic on a Boom stand with a shock absorber.  He told me he’s made new contacts already and is getting compliments.  His Studio Gear and the FX I PRO box interface nicely  into his Cobra Cb radio for some serious audio.

Thanks Shawn for the pics and feedback comment!  Rich


Toby S. in Florida


Toby uses a Behringer C-1 with a studio grade shock mount and scissor arm boom.  The Behringer Mixer gets connected to the FX1 PRO with a Hand Push To Talk Keyer.  All interfaced into his Galaxy 2547.  He loves it!


Donny S. in Florida






Donny has a Cool USB Bumble Bee Mic and a Mixer out to the FX1 PRO then into his Galaxy 2547.  Thanks for the pics.  Looks great!


George B. in Ohio

George B

Here’s Georges station, 521 top side of the Buckeye.  Thanks for the pic & comment George!


Bruce C in Alabama

Bruces Shack

Bruce uses the FX1 PRO interface w/ the Foot Keyer PTT.  The audio comes from a Yamaha mixer and nice Dynamic microphone all

going into a Galaxy Base Station.  2 thumbs up !!  Thanks for the pic and comment Bruce!


Paul N’s shack in NYC – He uses the FX1 PRO with a RCI 2980 – sweet station!!!

Pauls ShackPauls Shack Antenna

Doug. Unit 61 Diesel Car. Chesapeake Bay . Md

IMG_1085 (2)

IMG_1095 (2)Love the blue LEDS, Great station pics Doug.  Thanks!!


Mike in Ohio.  He uses the FX1 PRO to interface his Yamaha mixer and PC with a RCI 2990 Base

Mike Craft's StationNice looking station !!!


Albert in Canada – Base Station Setup w/ the FX1 PRO

Bootleggers Setup

Looking great Al !!!


 S.  Slade in Detroit, MI

Scott's 1955 BW (1) Scott's Johnson Viking Valiant

This is sooo sweet ! He has some sweet Transmitters and receivers – Pro mic going into a USB mixer… new and old technologys combined and interfaced the Pro Audio with the FX1 PRO.


James Lovingood’s Station in NC – He uses the FX1 Pro with his Galaxy and Cobra base stations.

James L Station

Thanks James!


Craig’s Station in NC  – AKA Mr Watts

Craigs Station

He uses the FX1 in the shack with some serious RF power!


Mark ‘s Station , NRO-613 DIRTYJOB Massachusetts,USA

Lots of nice rack gear and interfacing with the FX1 Combo on the upper right corner.   Mark uses the FX1 Footswitch to key up this awesome audio monster!

Marks Station

Marks Station2 bitmap

Thanks for the pics Mark!!

Gary in IL

Garys Shack


Garys shack 4

Nice shack !!!!!!!!!!


Featured Stations – Rob B in Fl

Rob B’s Custom Mobile base station in Florida.

Rob B photo1



Rob B photo2

Nice Mobile Rob !!!!!!!!



Featured Stations – Dave 711 in TX

Dave “711” has a nice station down in Texas.   He’s running some nice Behringer gear and the FX1 on the left side to interface with his Ranger Cb base station.  Looking good !!

Dave 711 TX

Featured Stations – Jeff In Washington State

He’s running a  High quality Shure Mic a nice Mixer and the FX1  Combo to tie it all together

Jeffs station 1


Jeffs station 2


Lou in Ohio #669 …. he sure loves those blue and red leds!!  Nice shack Lou !!  glad you’re enjoying the FX1 Combo!

Lou's station in the dark


BullDog.. Unit Triple Seven’s Magnum Raptor Base with the FX1 Combo Interface.

BullDog FX1 Station Blue

——————–Here’s Bulldogs Unit 777 Pro Audio box …..  The 1st generation built from November 2013 to May 2014 


Here’s the whole system.  


Across the front panel left to right we have an XLR in –  4 pin mic in  -PTT input. 


Left To right:  Mic Cord – Effects Send – Effects Return

Bulldogs New Banner

Here’s a  complete Youtube slideshow with an unboxing of the FX1 Combo Plus the Installation & some nice shots of Bulldogs New School Station.  Slideshow produced by Bulldog Radio Communications.   Watch it here!


Check the Batmobile w/ the FX1 and Cb radio !


 Thanks Jim!! Nice Batmobile !!!


Hands Off……  This one’s Mine !!!


FX1 System



Safe Circle jpg

banner medium 10