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Craig W-T. [452 / Blackbird ] in FL

Rich, thanks for putting this FX1 together for me and getting it out so quickly. Your product is a great find and I only wish I somehow would have found out about it sooner. I will certainly pass along the news about your site and FX1 to all the locals I deal with. The little push to talk hand held unit is a really quality looking and feeling unit that is working very nicely right out of the box. Thanks for your support in getting me started with some baseline mixer gain and output level settings since I was unfamiliar with that new piece of audio gear. On my very first contact after putting the FX1 in line with my Shure SM58, I got a positive comment about how my audio had improved and was sounding like FM quality. Feedback like that makes us both feel good.
Sincere thanks,
Craig W-T. [452 / Blackbird ]

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