John in GA

Hey It’s John in Newnan Georgia (Viper 151). I have two Custom boxes from Rich. They were reasonably priced, and they rock!!!!  I now have Pro Studio gear running my modulation on Several radios, I key up with a foot switch, I incorporate my Lap Top with the Looper!!!  Rich , you rock!    (My Radio’s Rock!!!)   73’s

Brian in Iowa

Brian here in eastern Iowa. I go by 481 Wally on 11 meters. I learned about the FX1 Looper from 777 Bulldog up there in central Maine. He directed me to Rich from He makes these wonderful boxes. For years I’ve wanted to have HiFi equipment on my radios. This makes it so easy! Now I get good reports all the time and I stand out when shooting skip! I went with the Behringer equipment Rich suggests. I get no interference, just good, clean audio. So thank you Rich for an awesome product! And thank you Bulldog for directing me to Rich’s website! 73’s guys!

Carl in IL

I love what you have done with the FX1.  It makes my life a lot easier for hooking up pro audio to cb thanks,  Hound Dog


Allen L in HI

Allen L.
Recently I picked up a RCI 2970N2 and added talkback to it that runs on/off via a switch and I am now in the last 2 weeks experimenting with studio audio via a Yamaha mixer board and a Behringer dynamic microphone! Only great reports on the audio quality!

Your FX1 makes the hook ups to the radio and mixer board so easy and has worked flawlessly so far.

Thanks Rich! 73s!

Allen L.
Honolulu, HI


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