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John in GA

Hey It's John in Newnan Georgia (Viper 151). I have two Custom boxes from Rich. They were reasonably priced, and they rock!!!!  I now have Pro Studio gear running my modulation on Several radios, I key up with a foot…

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Brian in Iowa

Brian here in eastern Iowa. I go by 481 Wally on 11 meters. I learned about the FX1 Looper from 777 Bulldog up there in central Maine. He directed me to Rich from He makes these wonderful boxes. For…

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Allen L in HI

Allen L. Recently I picked up a RCI 2970N2 and added talkback to it that runs on/off via a switch and I am now in the last 2 weeks experimenting with studio audio via a Yamaha mixer board and a…

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Thanks for checking us out!  We have some new pro audio boxes built - please check the shop page. Email me @  with questions & custom build requests. Check the blog page often for the latest Testimonials on new products,…

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