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Our newest product is the Quick Shot Pro an interface cable that allows you to connect PRO Audio devices with your CB / Ham radio. The FX1 PRO was our #1 seller, now we are offering a user friendly option the “Quick Shot Pro” Get ready to sound great on the air!  Go to the gallery page for more info.

Feel confident in your purchase with our secure checkout. We are a family owned, American, quality company!  Our customers have a lot of good things to say!! See how they like On Air Designs on the Feedback Page.

Want something that you cannot find on the shop page? Email me and we can work on a custom build. Check out our products below, or on our shop page.

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I purchased  QSP (Quickshot Pro) a few months back and i love it Been using it on a Yamaha mixer.

Tony in NY State

It works really awesome all the connecters are quality materials it’s perfect I will be using on air designs again I have told all my cb buddy’s about this company thanks Rich for the fast building and shipping I go by bobcat topside the Carolina Bobby Ray is my name thanks again Rich

Bobcat topside the Carolina Bobby Ray

Quickshot pro is awesome. Very easy to set up. Worked great on my President Lincoln 2 with a 4 to 6 pin adapter. I like the PTT hand button and long cables.Well made product. Will definitely purchase again. Worth every dollar. Thank you for making it so easy to set up a mixer and microphone for cb or ham radio.

Tony in Michigan








The Quickshot Pro takes all the guess work out of installing a boom mic and sound board to your CB equipment. The harness is built with quality parts and is plug and play.
Customer service is top notch. Rich went out of his way to make sure my harness was built in time to make it out for the next day shipping pick up. I highly recommend the Quickshot Pro if you are thinking of installing a boom mic. I’m not sure I could have home brewed a more quality harness for less money.
Brian Meyers
Ashville, Ohio

Got the Quick Shot Pro from Rich and I absolutely love it. I don’t use a hardware mixer- just my laptop computer, microphone, a preamp, a DAW (Reaper), and the Quickshot Pro that makes it all work. The nice thing about doing it this way by using a DAW is you can manipulate the sound in so many different ways with EQ settings, Compression, Reverb, Delay etc … It’s ridiculous (in a good way haha)!!  I mean the sky’s the limit really.

This unit enables me to get a very good quality sound that enhances my voice. If you play with it enough and match your voice with the different effects settings you can get a pleasantly warm voice out onto the airwaves…or maybe you want more midrange that will cut through and make someone distant able to hear you better. That’s the beauty of this device. It enables a person to be able to change the characteristic of their voice instead of being locked into a stock mic or even locked into a power mic. It opens up the possibilities.

Thank you Rich for helping me with the few questions I had via email. I appreciate it and I love this device!

770 Mr. Bill in Nebraska

Received my Quick Shot Pro all in 1 for Pro Audio today and hooked it straight up to my Stryker SR-955HPC and my XENYX1202FX using a TONRO condenser mic and buddy did it bring my Stryker to life!!! I now have full control over my audio and being able to use all the onboard effects on this board  is just “AWESOME”

Bobby in Kentucky


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