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Welcome to On Air Designs!

We are proud to bring you high quality products that bring pro audio to your CB!! The FX1 PRO was our #1 seller, now we are offering a user friendly option the “Quick Shot Pro” Visit the shop page and check it out. Broadcast quality audio is super easy to get up and running. Go to the gallery page for even more info. Our customers have a lot of good things to say!! See how they like On Air Designs on the Feedback Page.

Want something that you cannot find on the shop page? Email me and we can work on a custom build. Check out our products below, or on our shop page.

Want to know more? Take a look at the About Us page and use the Contact Us page and send us your questions!!



Rich, I receive compliments daily on my station’s sound out on the air. Thank You for putting your talents to good use in making the equipment that turns our stations from a normal, everyday sound to a “Wow, what you running over there that makes your radio sound so good”! A very good friend of mine turned me onto your pieces of quality sound equipment and he and I exchange compliment constantly on each others station sound effects.I take a lot of pride in how I sound on the air and I have you to thank for that. Thanks Rich!

Best Regards

Porky  – Rick W. in Fla


I recently wanted to retire my old run of the mill cb mic setup. I wanted to step up to a setup that sounded more like pro audio. I’m a low tech guy, who didnt know where to start I did some internet searching and found this website. After some prompt emails back and forth, with Rich, I knew this is exactly what i wanted. Thus far, Rich has helped me from start to finish. Explaining exactly what I would need and what would work best for my set up. I will definitely be sending more buisness his way. If you’re looking for more than sub par mic audio I wouldn’t hesitate to contact them to get a setup for yourself.

Thanks for everything Rich!


Triple 7’s

Out of Oro valley Arizona

Luke in Arizona

It’s great to find a company and a product that does what it promises. The shipping is fast and the customer service is five star. Thanks again Rich for the phone call (on a Sunday) to talk me through what i already new on the set up. This product is totally worth the money.

12 in the Valley just got down. Duke in California

Duke in California

Just wanted to let you know how good the FX-1 Looper works on my RCI-2995DX.
The audio reports have been incredible! I always wanted to sound like the big stations and now I do. I highly recommend the FX-1 Looper to anybody that wants to boost the sound quality of their radio and sound like a professional. Beleive me you wont regret it. Thank you very much Rich!

Phil Touchberry

Hello Rich, Your FX1 Pro has turned my Cobra 2000 GTL into a Pro Audio broadcasting CB radio station !! Unbelievable DX reports !! ….A Shure SM58 Pro microphone into a Behringer QX1002USB mixer has retired my beloved D-104 Silver Eagle to the shelf !!!! … Your customer service is “Top Shelf ” !! …. Your guidance of equipment, settings, step by step directions made this plug and play a breeze !!! …

Thanks again.

Bruce in IL

Got my FX1 in today and hooked it up to my Cobra 2000 with a Shure SM58 going into the IRig and an IPad running the Vocalive App. After just a little help from my friends it was dialed in and getting great feedback from everyone I enjoy talking sideband and your rig makes it possible to have quality radio audio on SSB.

Again thanks for your help327 Alabama Flash
Fred in AL
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